October 12 17:08 2017
A new brand – Cobike joined in the bike borrowing fight for the market share, this is the first case that Electric bike compete for the domestic bike sharing market in China.

During the National Day of China, you can see batches of “Cobike” sharing e-bike model “ONEBOT T8” at Songshan Lake in Dongguan city and Jiaochangwei special town in Shenzhen city. These shinning blue ebikes started their first meet-and-greet here 15 days ago, more than 20 stuffs of CWT (the manufactuer) showed their first journey in Songshan Lake, if you were there, you may catch a beautiful scenery. 

To compare with “Mobike”, “ofo”, “blue” and other existing bike sharing brands, “Cobike” Onebot T8 model is totally electric powered, no pedal assistance, it means you only need sit on the cushion and control the direction, the bike will take you everywhere you want. Onebot T8 equipped with a 250W brushless geared motor, use 8.7Ah LG lithium battery, dual rear shock absorption system, dual rear disc breaks, for longer 

endurance, you can also choose dual battery, beside, the outstanding appearance catch the eye, the most attractive actor is the foldable function, which is absolutely more comfortable, easier and convenient than the traditional bicycles. 

Of course, E-bikes is not always better than traditional ones, at least the price is not so nice comparing with the normal ones because of the higher cost of production. But it will be a trend of consumer market.  According to last 10 years’ data statistics of electric bicycles sold in the European Union(EU) from 2006 to 2015, sales of e-bikes grew steadily each year growing from 98 thousand units in 2006 to 588 thousand units in 2010. Just regarding the increase between 2009 to 2010 shows an significant increase by 39.34 percent, and from 2010 to 2015 the significant shows an increase by 130.78 percent, what a amazing increasing speed. This is only for EU market, you can image the numbers of the whole world. 

Sharing bike is already rapid and too much competitive in China market, but E-bikes still have big chance to occupy some market share due to its portable and easeful. Not only in China, the news reported that sharing bike market is day by day growing in some EU countries. As e-bike field growing day by day , it will cost down and popularize all over the world. 

The growing of E-bike field will sure flourish the bike manufacturing in China, CWT make the fastest steps and take the courage to be “the first person to try tomato”, startup the development of e-bike sharing market.  But now its main target is still foreign market, and focusing on mini electric folding city bikes, to make a portable and comfortable life for city people.  

Beyond all questions, we can predict the bright future of electric bicycles all over the world.

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