Combat Knives Gain Popularity Among Civilians

February 03 18:52 2018

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Combat knives, long used only by military personnel, are gaining popularity among civilians as utility knives suitable for more than just close-range combat.

Combat knives have a long history as the tool of choice for military personnel. Once made of iron, these types of knives have been carried by armies for thousands of years because of their ability to penetrate weak spots in armor. They remained popular even during World War I and World War II, though the prominence of firearms is phasing out combat knives as an effective combat tool.

Instead, many are today using combat knives for recreational purposes such as hunting, camping and hiking. In addition to being suitable for close-range combat, combat knives also work as utility knives that can cut away brush and branches outdoors.

Combat knives often have a thick point as well as a sharp blade. This makes them suitable for cutting and stabbing tasks in the military and civilian life. Combat knives with too fine and pointy a tip are not as well suited to the tasks these knives need to undertake.

Some modern combat knives can even fold up. Folding combat knives are very convenient to carry, as they do not require a sheath or strap in order to keep on the person. More traditional combat knives often come with a sheath for the blade, but this means they will hang from a belt or other device, which is a bulkier way to carry around a knife.

Combat knives are not generally EDC knives due to their focus on combat. Some people keep them for self-defence and protection in civilian. This has led to innovations such as the folding combat knife, which is tailored more toward civilian life than military personnel.

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