The Perfect Valentine Gift This Year

February 12 11:33 2018
Chocolate, Flowers, and Teddy Bears are so yesterday, Divine Berano shares what girls really want as a valentine gift this year.

Novi, MI – Panda Cash Back writer and blogger “Divine Berano” shared in her recent blog post “The Perfect Valentine Gift – Stop Buying and Start Making” what would be the perfect valentine gift for the loved one this year.

“Guys have got it all wrong, Girls are so sick of Teddy bears, Flowers, and Chocolate Boxes,” said Divine in a recent interview. She added: “There is nothing romantic about stopping by the Grocery store in your way back home to buy a Chocolate Box on sale, or to grab flowers from the same store where you buy Milk, it is a nice gesture and all but let us be real, it will not make her feel that special. A girl can feel it there is no effort spend into it”.

Divine is not alone in feeling this way, in the most recent survey conduct by Panda Cash Back Website earlier this year for their female members, results showed that most women would rather a gift that her significant other spent time in making over a pricey piece of jewelry.

In her post Divine shares ideas on how to make the perfect valentine gift for your love one while being also a friend of the environment. “There is so many benefits of making a valentine gift,” quoted Divine.

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