ROY IP Legal Consultant limited Brings New Strategy & Action Plan for Brand & IP Protection of Its Client Organizations

January 07 10:06 2015

Guangzhou, Guangdong Jan 7, 2015 — Counterfeiting has become an ever more wide-spread problem across the world, and global and international organizations are established to fight against this commonly known issue. Product counterfeiting, which poses a threat to health and safety in China, has been a recognized and widespread concern for the public, governmental authorities, and brand companies. As an IACC member, has devoted itself to the combating of products counterfeiting in China where the counterfeiters are centralized.

In 2014, helped destroy a garment counterfeiting group in Guangdong province that involved five provinces across the country, covering multiple supply chains in selling, stocking, and manufacturing. This garment counterfeiting group consisted of family members, relatives, friends, and fellow villagers and located its warehouse in Guangzhou, where it is close to its intended market and customers from the local area and abroad. While its factory was discovered in Jiangxi province, other relevant warehouses were placed in Hunan and Fujian provinces. In order to better perform in the counterfeiting business, the counterfeiting group even brought in an on-line ordering system and delivered accounts and passwords for customers, which made it even more highly productive in taking orders and manufacturing counterfeit garments. These counterfeiters are highly alert and they move warehouses frequently, from Guangzhou to Dongguang, Hunan, and Fujian, they tried them all just to avoid being caught.

Even with this high precaution, this counterfeiting group was found out by a Guangdong public security bureau in a lightning speed series of raid actions, with the assistance of A total of ten suspects were arrested, and approximately 100,000 pieces of counterfeited garments, worth about one hundred million Yuan, were confiscated onsite. The counterfeiting battle was widely recognized by Guangdong PSB, clients, and the IP industry as a classic case of facilitating IP protection in China. To better raise the alert for customers of the counterfeit garments, a press conference on the case was arranged on December, 15, 2014, and was reported on CCTV, becoming a headline in the newspaper and on the internet, and having a huge impact on the counterfeit market and IP protection.

Anti-counterfeiting action, assisted by through a preliminary investigation, has cracked a large counterfeiting supply chain across five provinces, which has had a huge impact on brand protection in China. China-based leading anti-counterfeiting firm,, provided the preliminary investigation with Guangdong public security bureau, in tracking down counterfeiting gangs in garment selling, stocking, and manufacturing across five provinces. is also proud of itself for accomplishing this case as a mission for better development in IP protection. As a professional anti-counterfeiting firm, Roy is fully devoted and determined to make a difference in intellectual property.

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