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January 07 10:29 2015

Ray Sanchez is called the Hispanic version of Walt Disney because he created a new version of Mickey Mouse and 19 Mickey Mouse short stories through his foundation called the Ha Ha Foundation with Lisa Salomone Smith production supervisor for Disney in order to further the mission of his foundation to bring Love, Joy and Laughter to all the children of the world.

Among these short stories created by Sanchez were seven episodes that Lisa Salomone Smith worked on as production supervisor for “Mickey Mouse” in 2013-2014. Here are the Episodes: Episode 1: Croissant de Triomphe (in French), Episode 2: No Service, Episode 3: Yodelberg, Episode 4: New York Weenie, Episode 5: Tokyo Go (in Japanese), Episode 6: Stayin’ Cool, and finally Episode 7.

Gasp! The Sanchez design created for Mickey Mouse favored “pie eyes” and a “rubber –hose” cartoon style for a more exaggerated style of animation that was borrowed reverentially from the bold style of Walt Disney’s 1930s designs but not without adding a few contemporary touches along the way. Sanchez recommended Paul Rudish to Lisa Salomone Smith because of Rudish work on Dexter’s Laboratory and on the Powerpuff Girls and especially for Rudish work on the character’s eyes and on his work on the scripts as a writer, impressed Sanchez so much he wanted Rudish as a work for hire animator and writer, Sanchez wanted Rudish to produce all the animation and write and supervise the witting of the scripts and of all the story boards, as he felt Rudish was a better animator than himself and he only wanted the best people to work on his design for Mickey Mouse and on Sanchez’s short stories.

Copyright(s) was issued for Mickey Mouse based on Sanchez’s design and stories.

The copyright(s) certificate(s) hid Sanchez’s name on his own copyright(s) claiming they were a work for hire which they were but in Sanchez’s case they weren’t. His application(s) for not-for-hire copyright(s) got changed to work-for-hire and re-registered in Disney’s name. He needs the Copyright Office to re-issue and put his name on separate Copyright Certificates as a not-work-for-hire in order to give him the legal right(s) to Mickey Mouse. Disney will Lose Mickey Mouse forever to the Public Domain when their copyright for Steamboat Willie Expires in 2020. In 2020 the rights for Mickey Mouse would go to Sanchez and his Foundation. Then Sanchez and his Foundation would act to protect the image(s) of Mickey Mouse, effectively putting a stop to all the Crazies or Degenerates out there in the world that would try to pervert and abuse Mickey Mouse and act to prevent and stop the production and the spread of these lower quality and not/or up to standards Mickey Mouse cartoons. Need $500,000 to save him.

You can find the project here:

You can find the project here:

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