“Art warning the world” – To defend the freedom 202 visual artists (living in 200 different countries) use their National flags to give a warning to the World

March 02 17:06 2015

The French contemporary artist Klaus Guingand launches the global artwork “Art warning the World”.

“Art warning the world” is an artwork created with the participation of 201 Artists, living in 200 different countries.

This work gathers 202 artists, 200 countries, 202 national flags,202 videos, 202 photos and a warning translated into 135 national languages. This is the first time in history that an artwork will unite the entire world.

To create this work Klaus Guingand looked for an artist in every country of the world. Every artist lives in his country. Each Artist has painted on their National flag this Klaus Guingand warning (translated into each national language): ‘When the word freedom disappears from our dictionaries, it will be too late to react”. Each Artist created their flag, along with a video and a photograph of themselves with their work.

See on the website: www.art-warning-the-world.net
Video (Royalty free): https://vimeo.com/119286617

Klaus Guingand “Freedom is the fundamental value of humanity”. Convinced that the word freedom (and all that it represents and involves) would disappear from our dictionaries, he decided to create a work of Art to warn mankind.

This is the story of an Artist driven by the desire to defend freedom, searching all over the world for Artists interested in participating in this universal artwork. Neither their nationality, language, cultural differences or religious views have prevented the creation of this work. Painters, Street Artists, Sculptors, Photographers, Designers and Tattoo Artists, these men and women (aged 19-65 years) are made up of Jews, Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Protestants, Pagans, Agnostics, followers of other religions or atheists but all are united through this unique project aimed at the defense of freedom.

More information

Visual artist Klaus Guingand was encouraged by the famous American art dealer Leo Castelli and supported by the famous art critic Pierre Restany two myths in Art history of the 20th century. Website http://www.klaus-guingand.net/

Website: www.art-warning-the-world.net

This 214 page website contains the home page video presentation and a short, but effective introduction ending with a quote from Albert Camus on “The function of the artist”. Each of the 202 artists has a dedicated page presenting their; biography, a photograph of the Artist with their flag, their video and a link to their website, blog or other. The site also gives the public the opportunity to follow the progress of the project and to support this work and purpose.

Video Link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/119286617

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