Viosk International Launches Beta of User-Friendly Video Marketing Platform

March 12 10:41 2015
Viosk International has launched a beta of its new cloud-based video creation platform, Viosk, a user-friendly and cost-effective video marketing tool.

With Viosk users can create HD animated videos in minutes using professionally designed templates, which allow for a large amount of customization so that users can fully capture the feel of their brand.

Users are encouraged to sign up for the beta and provide feedback about changes they would like to see made to the platform.

Viosk International has officially launched the beta stage of its namesake platform, Viosk, a cloud-based video content management system. Consumers are spending more time on their devices than ever, and yet, it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to attract their attention.

Video marketing stands out as a winning-strategy to capture the attention of consumers because of the compelling and engaging nature of medium. While the importance of online video marketing is increasing every year, traditionally, only companies with large advertising budgets have been able to take full advantage of this strategy.

Viosk aims to level the playing field, allowing even the smallest operations to create professional quality, animated videos in under an hour. Utilizing a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Viosk enables anyone with a web browser to easily begin creating videos for their company.

Users begin by selecting from a number of professionally-designed templates to find an aesthetic that best represents their company’s branding. From here, they can change the template’s colors, add text, and insert images of their product or company logo. Voice-over can be added to each scene with a simple click of the “record” button.

Rendering and sharing videos with Viosk is just as straightforward as creating them. Users of the “Free” plan can render their videos in a resolution of up to 480p, while “Basic” and “Premium” users can render video up to 720p and 1080p respectively. See After a video has been rendered; it can easily be shared to YouTube or downloaded to the user’s computer.

The cloud-based nature of Viosk International’s video content management system opens up many opportunities to the user. Videos are saved on the Viosk servers and can be edited from any computer at any time. Individuals can review, edit, and render videos made by their team members from separate computers using their company account. Finally, users never need to take of valuable space on their devices with videos, instead storing them on

While the uses for Viosk are literally endless, Viosk has already proven to be an invaluable and cost-effective tool in the creation of business presentations, portfolios, app demos, real estate listings, and step-by-step tutorials. Additionally, Viosk offers a custom template creation service, in which their professional designers will animate exclusive templates to a company’s specifications.

Users are invited to sign up for Viosk for free and test it out for themselves. As the platform is still in beta, feedback from users about all aspects of the service is strongly encouraged, and suggestions may be incorporated into the final release.

During the next few months, Viosk will be continually updated with new features and templates, and progress toward the final release of Viosk will happen quickly.



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